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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How can I determine my ring size accurately?

To help you determine the right ring size, we employ a series of online tools, some standardized as per international practices and some innovative methods. The following link will guide you towards a perfectly fitted ring in a few, simple steps:

  1. What if I have ordered incorrect size ring?

We offer free ring resizing for 30 days from the day we received the product. Contact us through our email ID and contact numbers and we will send you the resized ring without charging an extra penny. Every second spent finding your correct ring size is well spent. While we strive to help as best as possible in the event of an incorrect size, it’s still a considerable wait time factoring labor and both ways shipping involved.

  1. How can I cancel my order or make some changes to it or simply need to get updates about my order?

To cancel your order or make changes to your order, please reach us through email ( or phone (+1 800 912 9723). Visit our website to track your order.  

  1. What all documents will I be receiving along with diamonds that will ensure me of their purity?   

We always attach independent GIA lab reports with diamonds that have global acceptance and any gemologist can examine them. GIA is a globally renowned and trustworthy certification authority that imparts most accurate reports on gems. So, order with confidence the most pristine diamonds from our exclusive collection.

  1. Will I receive any digital confirmation/receipt after placing the order?

Yes, after you have placed the order you will receive an email confirming your order having all details from size to design and price.  

  1. Can I track my order and get latest updates regarding it?

Yes! The ‘Track your Order Service’ at our website is aimed at sharing latest updates about the orders placed by our clients. You simply need to register your order ID and Email Address with us and we will keep you updated with every development related to your order:

  1. How do you package the jewelry for shipping?

You will receive your product in a stylish yet safe box. Your jewelry will be meticulously packed so that it does not get damaged during shipping.


  1. What all payment modes are available with me?

We accept payment from all major debit cards such as American Express, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard.

  1. What exactly is credit card security code?

The security code is the 3 to 4 digit number that is mentioned on credit card. The Mastercard and Visa owners will find it above their signature at the flip side of the card. American Express and Discover users will find this number at the top right of their card’s front side.   

  1. Will you keep the personal information shared by me private and confidential?

Yes, we strictly follow our privacy policy and keep the information shared by our clients private and confidential. We do not save/disclose/share any payment related information on our website.  


  1. What is your return policy works?

We ship only in USA and have formulated an easy return policy for the convenience of our clients.  If you are not fully satisfied with your order then you can opt for return. You can apply for exchange or full return in first 60 days of delivery of product. In few cases we may put $25 dollar return fee charge for return.   

  • We are not responsible for the damages that might have occurred during the shipping or return process. Clients must carefully return the ring in original packaging along with all the documents.   

  1. Can you ship my product to another address that is different from the billing address?   

Yes, the product will be delivered at the address mentioned by the client. If you want to get it delivered at another address then you can do so by sharing the necessary details and we will get it shipped on the desired location.  

  1. When will I receive my order after completing all the formalities?

Your order will take minimum 2 week and maximum 3 weeks to reach you. The time may vary depending upon variety of factors for instance number of items to be shipped, place of delivery and more. We always ensures that our valuable clients gets the delivery as early as possible.     

  1. In case my jewelry gets stolen during the shipping, then what are the options left with me?

We don’t leave any stone unturned to ensure the safe shipping of products to our clients therefore, you need not worry about the safety of your product as they are absolutely secure and insured during the transit.  

  1. 100% Return Guaranteed

In case you wish to return the product, you can register for full return.   

  1. Are the products exact in size or undergo rigorous editing before they are uploaded on the website?  

Photography does affect the appearance of the product and that might give you hard time to accurately figure out the exact size. Please note that the setting of your digital interface, including resolution and colors, might affect the displayed visuals. This might lead to slight differences in the images and the actual product. You can always contact us via our dedicated phone and email channels to seek more clarity about your favorite jewelry, diamond or other precious stones.

  1. How can I return the product?

Unlike other online stores we have formulated an easy returning policy. One simply needs to connect with us and get the RETURNS authorization ID to start the returning process. You can receive this ID by email from our side  comprising order number and other relevant details.   


  1. Why shall I consider Rico diamonds and explore your collection?

Rico Diamonds owns an exclusive collection of diamond rings that is unique and impressive. Inspired from latest designs and fusion of traditional and contemporary fashion our range of jewelery is for every attire and occasion. What makes us stand apart from others in the business is our collection that features finely carved, skilfully studded,  scintillating diamond jewelry.

Quality: We have an impressive assortment of finest quality diamonds. We always use certified diamonds to design our ring collection.

Services: We at Rico Diamonds strive to deliver optimum services to our valuable clients. We have incorporated services that are flexible and convenient for our clients.   

  • Get your rings resized and initiate return through our easy return and exchange policy.

  • We deal in genuine diamonds and always attach the lab reports along with the product that speak volumes about the purity of diamonds and assurance about the most accurate color, carat, clarity and cut.

  • Easy return in 30 days of receiving the product.  

  1. What are 4C’s and role do they play in selection of diamonds?

The 4 C’s are the 4 different aspects related to diamonds that determine the cost of diamonds. Color, cut, clarity and carat weight are the essential 4C’s. Go through our education section to know all about the 4Cs in a detailed manner.     

  1. Can I get free valuation document?

Yes, the products displayed on the website come along with free valuation document that comprises information regarding diamond color, carat weight, clarity and cut. Products that are displayed on our website have been evaluated by FGA.

  1. What are diamond color grades?

The diamond color scale feature D to Z grades. D grade diamonds are highly rare and features shiny white finish. Going down the scale you, one will observe appearance of tint of yellow and brown color in diamonds. We only use high quality diamonds to design our exquisite jewelry collection. Kindly go through our education section for more in-depth information about diamond color grades.

  1. What clarity grades determine the clarity of diamonds?

Clarity refers to the flawless finish of diamonds. FL (flawless), VVS (very very slight), VS(very slight) and SI(slightly included) are the grades that are awarded to diamonds on the basis of their appearance and degree of clarity.